Here are 29 ideas to get you started:

Eating & Drinking

  1. No plastic straws used (paper straws or no straws at all)
  2. No single-use/non-compostable plastic cups used
  3. (If serving food) no single-use/non-compostable plates or cutlery
  4. Discounts or offers for customers who bring their own reusable cup
  5. Ask if customer would like to reuse their glass
  6. Drinking water and glasses provided for customers to help themselves
  7. Advertise that customers can refill their water bottle here

Food & Beverages

  1. Menu includes sustainable food options (vegan, locally-grown, organic)
  2. Menu includes ethically certified products (Soil Association, FSC, Marine Stewardship Council)
  3. Tap water provided as standard
  4. No plastic tea bags – organic bags or loose tea used
  5. Bar includes sustainable drinks options (local, organic, vegan)
  6. Prominent promotion of sustainable and ethical food and drink options
  7. Vegetarian/vegan nights
  8. Vegetarian/vegan only menu


  1. Use eco-friendly washing up or dishwashing detergent brand (e.g. Bio D, Ecover)

Customer & Staff Travel

  1. Safe bike parking provided and promoted
  2. Discounts or offers for cyclists/public transport users
  3. Public transport and cycling information featured more prominently than car parking information
  4. Advertise taxi companies that use electric vehicles


  1. Not using printed flyers
  2. Flyers use recycled paper and vegetable-based inks

Recycling & Waste

  1. All bottles, cans and cardboard are sorted and collected for recycling
  2. Food waste collected for compost
  3. Unused food donated to community food projects (food banks, Real Junk Food Project)
  4. Drinks sold by the glass (draft beer, carton juice) not individual bottles

Energy & Water

  1. LED lighting
  2. Use a green energy provider (Octopus Energy, Green Energy, Ecotricity, Bristol Energy, etc)
  3. Low water use devices fitted to sinks and toilets
  4. Signage to encourage customers to save water