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Here you will find a growing list of green providers: companies, projects and organisations offering sustainable solutions for all areas of festival and event operations, with a focus on Leicester and Leicestershire.

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Disclaimer! This list being developed by volunteers. While we try to ensure that all the suppliers listed meet certain ethical and environmental standards, ReFiesta does not recommend or endorse any of these suppliers. 

Carbon-neutral courier service by bike or electric vehicle. Storage also available.

 Travel & Transport /  Leicester

Bike-powered speakers, scalextric, fairy lights, fountain, bubble machine, cinema and energy bike.

 Festival Content /  Derbyshire

Same day vegan food delivery service.

 Food & Drink

Paper straws by the pack, bulk box, carton or pallet. Huge range of colours and designs. Made from paper from certified sustainable sources. Marine safe....

 Food & Drink /  Wales

Renewable energy, including lighting, off-grid solar-power systems and innovative installations for festivals and events.

 Energy /  Derbyshire

Option 1: Collect Smoothie Bike from Nottingham Option 2: Smoothie 'Bike in a Box' delivered anywhere in the UK Option 3: Fully supplied Smoothie Bike,...

 Festival Content /  Nottingham

Temporary power for outdoor events using biodiesel. Generators for sale or hire.

 Energy /  Suffolk

Works to reduce waste and increase recycling rates by encouraging behaviour change through community engagement. Offer free talks to schools, community groups and other organisations,...

 Waste & Recycling /  Leicestershire

Leicester Fixers is a community of amateur and professional repairers and non-repairers that work together to mend the broken and learn more about repair. They...

 Waste & Recycling /  Leicester

Green Goblet Ltd


Reusable cups branded for events. Also offer artwork design, washing and drying (on or offsite) and cup storage.

 Waste & Recycling /  Somerset

Providers of hybrid power generators and lighting for outdoor events - for hire or purchase. Advice, technical support and 24-hour support during the festival. Also...

 Energy /  Glasgow

Support for workplaces, festivals and events to provide can recycling facilities, through recycling packs, stats and resources.

 Waste & Recycling /  Birmingham

UK distributor of Biotrem's compostable tableware and cutlery produced from natural and edible wheat bran.

 Waste & Recycling /  Buckinghamshire

Plant-based glitter.

 Fancy Dress /  Manchester