Are you putting on an event in a field?

Whether its a weekend or just day, tap into the camping vibe and encourage your audience to pack a Festival Kit of everything they will need to eat, drink and be merry at your event!

Ready for Anything Kit List:

  • Reusable cup for your drink of choice – you can buy hot drink cups for tea and coffee (or bring your favourite mug) or invest in a reusable pint or half glass (look for thicker plastic glasses – or even a pewter tankard – instead of glass, which can smash).
  • Water bottle – you can ask for free tap water at any event or venue so don’t be shy and stay hydrated.
  • Cutlery – forget the flimsy plastic forks and bring an old set from home.
  • Plate or bowl.
  • Flannels – say no to wet wipes and bring a flannel and water. You can store it in a bag, tupperware or jar to stop your stuff getting wet.

What’s your festival essential?