ReFiesta is a Leicester-based, volunteer-run network which aims to inspire greener behaviour through local festivals and events.

We believe that creating a sustainable event does not have to be hard work. In fact, it can make for a more enjoyable and creative experience, not just for audiences, but also festival organisers, performers, stallholders and crew.

Collectively, simply making small changes to the way we do everyday things can make a big difference. And festivals are a great environment for audiences to try something new. Our ambition is to harness the good vibes to inspire positive change that will persist long after the festival is over.


ReFiesta was first conceived in the fields of Shambala festival where, along with listening to music and dancing in the mud, festival-goers were also rewarded for sustainable behaviour, e.g. cycling and processing recycling, and, because there was no other choice, used compost loos and ate veggie food without plastic packaging.

Many of these interventions were brought in gradually year-on-year, until sustainable behaviours became the accepted practice among festival-goers for the few days they were there. We then noticed that we took some of the behaviours home, such as continuing to use a re-usable water bottle or maintaining a vegetarian diet.